Thursday, January 19, 2012

Legends 2

Legend 2- The Forming of the Saxophone Players

            Many years after the creation of the first saxophones, Eleazar realized he needed disciples to spread the sexiness of the saxophone across the world. (which he created himself from modeling clay and semen) One important element to remember is that Eleazar’s bowel movements result in giant almost human sized gold nuggets. He saved seven of the best ones, and decided to shape them in his likeness.
The first was fused with the hair of the mighty Montanez creatures that roamed with Eleazar so long ago. He was dubbed, “Montanez” a feat of creativity none can rival, he was created to be the powerhouse of the group.
The next Saxophone Disciple created would be named “The Hammer” because his crotch was the deadliest weapon at the time, it’s enormous size rivaled mammoth’s.
The third Saxophone Disciple, The Asian, was created to be one of the more skilled players, and because of that he has no other redeeming qualities, except for pronouncing “th” as ”d”
Fourth, was Luis, his main quality was his curls, which hypnotized women, and some men. If his curls were ever to be cut off completely, he would be rendered powerless, and would die.
The fifth was Sapito, modeled after a strange creature Eleazar saw hopping around.
Sixth, was one Eleazar called “Padron” for some strange reason; his personality wasn’t horrible, but evil comments spewed from his mouth without stop. He became the first “asshole”
Seventh, and possibly the last, was Bacon, bestowed with a voice Eleazar stole from God himself, quite outgoing, and somewhat of an “asshole” he was created as a counter to The Asian’s quiet demeanor, with saxophone skills to rival his.
Once they were complete, he aged them reversely, and took the sperm cells and preserved them, to give them to the chosen parents.

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