Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Legends of Eleazar

                 Legend 1- The Carving of the Saxophone
The story of when the first saxophone was invented is among the least debated subjects, a man named Adolph Sax supposedly crafted this embodiment of sexiness for all to hear. Well, that’s not how it really happened.
            Awhile before man was first walking the earth, Eleazar’s rampages caused the extinction of the dinosaurs; every species on Earth at the time went extinct too, except for the mighty Montanez (a subject that will be discussed later)
But, I must digress, Eleazar was skilled at music, he invented it, he was able to whistle in thirty octaves, so it’s only natural he create something to pass the time. He came across a great rock, with which he carved the first saxophone family.(The alto, tenor,  baritone, and soprano sax) Using his well formed muscles, and glorious smile, he turned the stone to brass, and commanded gold to cover the instrument, since everything fears Eleazar, it listened. The mouthpiece was formed out of the bones of his fallen enemies. (Dinosaurs)
The reed was a simple piece of wood, which Eleazar took from France, and carved down with his mighty abs. The first ligature, HIS ligature, was made of dragon skin, which he also used for blankets. Thus, the first saxophone was born.

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