Thursday, January 19, 2012

Legends 3

Legend 3- Mastering of ­­the Saxophone

Many years in the future, around 1993, 94, and 95, the chosen saxophone players were placed into the stomachs of virgin women by Eleazar, where they were left to grow in their care. When they came of age, they were placed into “middle school” and since under different households, some went their separate ways, forgetting their meeting millions of years in the past. In these “middle schools” the young saxophone disciples would meet their instructors, and choose the instrument that they will be blood tied to.
Soon, the saxophone players were old enough to compete in a competition called “All-City”. Here, they would meet another, and although they didn’t recognize each other, they would share a strong bond. Bacon and The Hammer had been together since before middle school. The Asian, Luis, and Padron were together. Montanez emerged from the bayous of Louisiana, and Sapito was still being trained.
Digressing, the All-City competition is where The Asian and Bacon would first battle, with Bacon emerging victorious, leaving The Asian second chair. Even though he was awarded second chair, this showed his saxophone skills were high also.
Seeing such competition pleases Eleazar, which is why this and “All-Region” are conducted yearly, for his entertainment.

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